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A Few Words About Us

Goodland Global Farm, Inc. is located around downtown Los Angeles, United States. We have our owned farms and cooperative farms in California and Mexico. Our produces come directly from our farms and our extensive network of growers. We are proud of ourselves in providing perfect quality and freshest produce for our customers, ranging from all of the United States (including New York, Hawaii) and Canada Toronto, Vancouver, and other cities. Since 2001, Goodland has been a trustworthy produce supplier in Los Angeles wholesale produce market. We offer a huge selection of oriental vegetables for our customers. The reliability and profession of our business are credited to our owners and engineers, who have at least 20 years of experience and expertise.

Goodland Global Farm, Inc. provides sustainable agriculture in implementing management systems that will protect the environment by reducing the air pollution, protecting our growers and workers, and ensuring that the safest products are brought to the customers.  We have made efforts to take every precaution and actions to be an environmentally-friendly grower and always ensure the perfect quality and freshness of our produces.

Goodland Global Farm, Inc. 總公司位於美國近洛衫磯市中心,有多處自有農場與合作的農場位於美國加州和墨西哥,因此我們能夠保證提供最新鮮、優質的產品,從我們的農場運送至全美國各州 (包括紐約、夏威夷) 甚至到加拿大多倫多、溫哥華等城市。 自2001年以來Goodland 一直是洛杉磯最大批發生產東方蔬菜供貨商之一,為我們的客戶提供多樣選擇的東方蔬菜。我們的經營者和每位技術工程師都具備至少20年以上的豐富經驗與專業知識。

Goodland Global Farm, Inc. 採取永續經營、環保種植農業,保持並提高土壤和水的質量,實施管理系統、維護環境、減少空氣污染,保護我們的種植者和工人。我們的蔬菜直接來自我們的農場,並確保最安全的、最新鮮的產品帶給客戶。我們作為領先的蔬菜批發商,長期以良好質量樹立商譽口碑。


Why Us?

Our goal is to develop long-term partnership with our customers. We have dedicated our staffs trained to provide exceptional service to meet every customer’s needs. We also make sure that our customers are fully satisfied with products and services. Furthermore, lowest and competitive prices are always offered to our customers with our highest quality produce. Our team is always ready to serve customers with best efforts. If you are interested in our business, please give us a call to find out how we can work with you and also welcome to visit our sales team to obtain the best deals. Thank you for your interest and we are looking forward to hearing from you.



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